Linguistics 001      Fall 2005     Optional Final Paper
Due We 12/14

An optional midterm substitute

If you're unhappy with your grade on the midterm, you have the option of writing a research paper whose grade can be substituted for the midterm.

If you choose this option, there are three steps:

1. A title, brief abstract (a short paragraph), and a "seed reference" (a single source that represents the sort of material you plan to base your paper on). You should send this by email to the course instructor for approval or suggested modifications, by Wednesday, Nov. 23.

2. An annotated bibliography -- the full set of references that you propose to use, and a brief description of what information you take from each one -- and a sentence outline of the paper. Turn this in by email to the course instructor by Monday, Dec. 5.

3. The final paper, due on Wed., Dec. 14.

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