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This page contains the following lists of Penn faculty affiliated with our undergraduate and graduate linguistics programs:

For other faculty with interests in linguistics and related areas, please consult the list of faculty affiliated with the Institute for Research in Cognitive Science.

Linguistics Department Faculty

Eugene Buckley, Associate Professor; Graduate Chair
Formal phonology, phonology-morphology interaction, phonological explanation, Native American and Ethio-Semitic linguistics (Ph.D. Berkeley, 1992.)
Robin Clark, Professor; Department Chair
Mathematical linguistics and formal semantics, game theory, acquisition and learnability, formal syntax (Ph.D. UCLA, 1985.)
David Embick, Professor
Syntax, morphology, syntax/morphology interface, neurolinguistics (Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1997.)
Jami Fisher, Lecturer
Patricia Irwin, ACLS New Faculty Fellow
Syntactic theory, argument structure, unaccusativity, information structure, prosody, discourse, corpus and experimental approaches in generative syntax, syntactic and semantic variation in English dialects (Ph.D. NYU, 2012)
Aravind Joshi, Henry Salvatori Professor of Computer and Cognitive Science, Primary Appointment in Computer and Information Science
Mathematical and processing models of language (Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1960)
Anthony Kroch, Kahn Term Professor in the Cognitive Sciences
Formal syntax, modern and historical Germanic syntax, statistical patterning of syntactic usage (Ph.D. MIT, 1974)
Jianjing Kuang, Assistant Professor
Phonetics, laboratory phonology, speech production and perception, experimental fieldwork (Ph.D. UCLA, 2013)
William Labov, Fassit Professor
Sociolinguistics, language change, speech perception and production, research on reading (Ph.D. Columbia, 1964.)
Julie Anne Legate, Associate Professor; Undergraduate Chair
Syntax, morphology, syntax-morphology interface, language acquisition (PhD, MIT, 2002.)
Mark Liberman, Trustee Professor of Phonetics; Director of IRCS and LDC
Phonetics, prosody, natural language processing, speech communication (Ph.D. MIT, 1975.)
Mitch Marcus, RCA Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Primary Appointment in Computer and Information Science
Natural language processing, corpus-based and statistical models for NLP (Ph.D. MIT, 1976.)
Rolf Noyer, Associate Professor
Theoretical phonology, morphology, morphosyntax, generative metrics; Huave, Mansi. (Ph.D. MIT, 1992.)
Donald Ringe, Kahn Term Professor in Linguistics
Historical linguistics, Indo-European, morphology (Ph.D. Yale, 1984)
Timothy Roberts, Adjunct Professor; primary appointment, Dept of Radiology, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
neurolinguistics; neuroimaging; auditory processing of language; language and autism (Ph.D. Cambridge, 1991)
Beatrice Santorini, Senior Fellow
Syntax, Germanic linguistics, language change (Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1989.)
Florian Schwarz, Assistant Professor
Formal semantics and pragmatics, semantic and pragmatic processing (Ph.D. U Mass, 2009)
Charles Yang, Associate Professor
Language acquisition, language change, computational linguistics, morphology, psycholinguistics (Ph.D. MIT, 2000.)

Other Linguistics Graduate Group Faculty

Asif Agha (Anthropology)
Linguistics, anthropology, semiotics; language structure and function, language typology and universals; social theory; language and social relations; discourse analysis; metaphor and tropes, register and style; communicative practices in the media; Sino-Tibetan and Indo-Aryan linguistics. (Ph.D. Chicago, 1990.)
Delphine Dahan (Psychology)
Psycholinguistics, spoken-language comprehension, lexical representation and processing (Ph.D. Paris La Sorbonne René Descartes, 1994.)
Gerald Prince (Romance)
Narratology (Ph.D. Brown, 1968)
Dan Swingley (Psychology)
Psycholinguistics, word recognition and lexical representation in infants and young children
Stephen Tinney (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies)
Sumerian; Mesopotamian language and literature. (Ph.D. Michigan.)
John Trueswell (Psychology)
Language processing, eye movements in reading, visual perception. (Ph.D. Rochester, 1993.)
Greg Urban (Anthropology)
Linguistic and cultural anthropology; metaculture; cultural motion; public sphere processes; world cultures; corporations and culture; business anthropology; Amerindian cultures; Brazil, U.S. (Ph.D. Chicago, 1978.)
Scott Weinstein (Philosophy)
Logic, formal learning theory, machine learning, recursive function theory (Ph.D. Rockefeller U., 1975.)

Retired Faculty

George Cardona (Emeritus)
Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indian grammatical theory
Lila Gleitman (Emeritus) (Psychology)
Language and language acquisition (Ph.D. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1967.)
Gillian Sankoff (Retired)
Sociolinguistics, pidgins and creoles, language change and development (Ph.D. McGill, 1968.)
Harold Schiffman (Emeritus) (South Asia Studies)
Sociolinguistics, language policy, grammaticalization, Dravidian Linguistics (Ph.D. Chicago, 1969.)
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